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Stevia is a low calorie, natural, intensive sweetener.


Stevia plant is a South American Origin herb that has been used as a sweetener by the Guarani Indians of Paraguay for hundreds of years.Chewing raw or fresh stevia will leave a strong, sweet taste that does not quickly dissipate as sugar.


Dried extracts 'Steviol glycoside'are white to slight yellowish, crystalline, odourless, slight characteristic odour, water-soluble powders.The raw extracts,Steviol glycoside usually contain as the major components the Stevioside (CAS 57817-89-7) and Rebaudioside A(CAS 58543-16-1), along with smaller amounts of other steviol glycosides, such as Rebaudioside B and C, Dulcoside A, Rubusoside and Steviolbioside.



Steviol Glycosides Short Sweeteness Content
Stevioside STv 270-300 57.30%
Rebaudioside A Reb A 350-450 32.00%
Rebaudioside C Reb C 40-60 8.00%
Dulcoside A D A 40-60 1.50%
rebaudioside D Reb D 150-250 0.60%
Rebaudioside E Reb E 100-150 0.50%
Other Other 10-15 0.10%

[The table shows different ingredients of steviol glycosides. Reb-A is the best ingredients of all. Less sweet ingredients such as Reb C, Dulcoside should be removed from the extracts for a better taste.]


The Stevia industry has many solutions to balance the taste and costs. Thus you can find many different grades in the industry, from Steviol Glycoside 80%, to Reb-A 99%. They have the same common name stevia, but sweet taste and the price are so different. People should find the proper grade to meet their requirement.