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Hexylresorcinol is an organic compound with local anaesthetic, antiseptic and anthelmintic properties. It is used as an antiseptic in mouthwashes and skin wound cleansers.


Product Name: Hexylresorcinol
Chemical Names: Hexylresorcinol; 4-Hexylresorcinol; 4-hexylbenzene-1,3-diol; 136-77-6; Antascarin; Ascaricid; Adrover; Caprokol; Hidesol; Crystoids; Prensol; 4-Hexylresorcine; Gelovermin
Molecular Formula: C12H18O2
Molecular Weight: 194.274 g/mol
IUPAC Name: 4-hexylbenzene-1,3-diol
CAS Number: 136-77-6
Physical Description: Pale-yellow viscous liquid (that becomes solid on standing at room temperature) or a peach colored powder
Color: White or yellowish white
Odor: Pungent odor
Taste: Sharp astringent taste
Boiling Point: 631° F at 760 mm Hg (NTP, 1992)
Melting Point: 154 to 156° F (NTP, 1992)
Solubility: Freely soluble in benzene, glycerol, ether and acetone; very slightly soluble in water.